Welcome to the neighborhood

If your municipality manages residential trash collection for all residents, LFD can be contracted to provide reliable service to your entire municipality within Lebanon, Lancaster, or Berks County. LFD already provides service to several local municipalities in the region. Our experience and reliability can help keep every address well serviced. To learn which specific services are available, and to request a customized bid, municipal representatives may contact LFD by calling 1-800-533-5356 or by filling out and submitting the form on the left.

Does LFD Serve My Neighborhood?
Find your locality’s name on the drop-down list to the left. If you live in a municipality served by LFD, you can click on your municipality and view details of trash and recycling services available to you through LFD. The rate you pay is determined by a long-term contract with your local municipality. If you have a question on fees, please contact your municipal office. If you have any questions on trash removal details, you may contact LFD by calling 1-800-533-5356 or fill out and submit the form on the left.

What if I Need Additional Trash Removal Services?

LFD provides a variety of services. If you have needs beyond what is normally picked up by your municipal service agreement, please contact LFD, by calling 1-800-533-5356 or fill out and submit the form on the left, to learn more.

LFD Blue Box
If you have a larger clean-up or DIY remodeling project, LFD can deliver and pick-up a roll-off style container – sized to match your project needs. Usually a small 10-yarder can handle most DIY jobs. Ask about the LFD Blue Box for your next big weekend project.