Enjoy reliable residential trash removal

LFD provides trash collection service to residential households in Lebanon, Lancaster, and Berks Counties. If your service address is located within our service regions in Lebanon or Lancaster County, and the municipality requires curbside recycling collection, LFD will also provide recycling collection service for your household. Choose the level of trash removal service that fits you best:

Curbside Bag or Can Service
You may supply your own trash bags or cans. You’ll have a limit of no more than five bags or cans (32 gallon size), and the weight of each may not exceed 35 pounds. If you expect to exceed these limits, please call 1-800-533-5356 for a free quote to match your service needs.

Curbside Cart Service
LFD provides you with a wheeled cart for your weekly collection needs. You simply fill it up to capacity, but no more than 35 total pounds per cart.

On-Call Service
If you do not need weekly pick-up service, or you have a single small project, you may choose to purchase tags from LFD. You’ll simply call to arrange for convenient as-needed pickup service.

LFD Blue Box
If you have a single big clean-up or DIY remodeling project, LFD can deliver and pick-up a roll-off style container – sized to match your project needs. Usually a small 10-yarder can handle most DIY jobs. Ask about the LFD Blue Box for your next big weekend project.

To set up your new Residential Services account and start any of the above services, please call 1-800-533-5356 or fill out and submit the form on the left.